About Us

Welcome to Exhibition Nest—a website designed to bring together artists and art lovers, everywhere and anywhere in the world.

Exhibition Nest site was launched in 2013 by myself (Rob House, above, left) and Misha Koryak (above, right). Our goal was to produce a website that addressed the interests of real artists.

As an artist myself, I got this idea after looking around at other art websites, and realizing that most of them seemed to treat art solely as a commodity or a popularity contest. Some featured "head-to-head" competitions or "showdowns". Others charged a monthly fee to sign up. But art is not a game or contest. Nor is art just something to be bought and sold. Not surprisingly, many of these other "artist" sites are run by art dealers, or people just trying to make money off artists.

We decided to make a website that treated art with the respect it deserved, and that fostered a true sense of community among artists. Exhibition Nest is a realization of its founders' vision that art should be free from the fetters of commercial interest, politicized and tendentious curatorship, and demeaning marketing strategies.

The site serves, first of all, as a cutting-edge virtual exhibition space. Its minimalist design means that the art is what gets the viewer's full attention. If you are an artist, you can sign up and upload photos of your work to a publicly accessible profile page, and you can announce an upcoming show—yours or someone else's. Art lovers can find exhibitions and art events by city—be it your home city or a destination you happen to be visiting. Soon we will be adding a gallery sign-up feature, which will allow art galleries to post exhibitions as well.

Exhibition Nest is open to everyone, and anywhere in the world it can be the local hub for art life. You can find out what exhibitions are happening in your city or what artists are doing in other parts of the world. If you are a painter living in Los Angeles, you could meet other painters in Los Angeles, learn about their upcoming shows, or discuss ideas with them and with others working in your medium. You can post your own upcoming shows, and, of course, you can share your art and favorite exhibits with friends on Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest.

We believe that, in order to thrive, artists need to belong to a larger community of other artists and art-lovers. So we made this site completely free and open to any working artist anywhere in the world. Yes, you have to be an artist to sign up, but anyone can browse the art and exhibits posted on Exhibition Nest. In other words, the content of the site is generated by artists, but it can be viewed by anyone who is interested in what is happening in art—locally or globally.

Our small team depends on your feedback, particularly as we add new functions and features to those you can already use. We welcome your comments, constructive criticism, and your wishes for improving what you see here. Most important, we welcome your art, and we encourage you to post all upcoming art events—big or small—on Exhibition Nest.

Thank you. And have fun.