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New York

“Magical Designs for Mozart’s Magic Flute” Exhibition, at The New York Public Library for the Performing Arts, Mar 31 - Aug 27, 2016

Magical Designs for Mozart’s Magic Flute compares scenic and costume designs from a select group of 19th, 20th, and 21st century productions extolled for their remarkable visual achievement. Included are rare renderings from historic productions in the holdings of the New York Public Library for the Performing Arts. Conceived and curated by acclaimed theatrical designer Judy Levin and organized by the Kent State University Museum in partnership w... (Read More)

New York

Cornelia Parker “Transitional Object (PsychoBarn)”, at The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Apr 19 - Oct 31, 2016

Gallery 926, The Iris and B. Gerald Cantor Roof Garden A large-scale sculpture by acclaimed British artist Cornelia Parker, inspired by the paintings of Edward Hopper and by two emblems of American architecture—the classic red barn and the Bates family’s sinister mansion from Alfred Hitchcock’s 1960 film Psycho—will comprise the fourth annual installation of site-specific works commissioned for The Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Iris and B. Gera... (Read More)

New York

Tom Sachs “Boombox Retrospective, 1999-2016”, at Brooklyn Museum, Apr 21 - Aug 14, 2016

The Brooklyn Museum presents Tom Sachs: Boombox Retrospective, 1999-2016 has been added to the spring 2016 exhibition schedule. Paying tribute to a defining symbol of street music culture, Tom Sachs will transform the Brooklyn Museum’s Martha A. and Robert S. Rubin Pavilion into a living sound system through an installation of eighteen sculptural boom boxes. Hovering somewhere between art and science, functional and mythological, Tom Sachs: Boomb... (Read More)

New York

Lucas Samaras “AutoPolaroids, 1969-71”, at Craig F. Starr Associates, Jun 9 - Aug 12, 2016

Craig F. Starr Gallery presents Lucas Samaras: AutoPolaroids 1969-71. The exhibition offers an in‐depth look at the artist’s first foray into photography, bringing together more than fifty works, including the very first AutoPolaroid and several that have never been seen before. This show is the first presentation to focus solely on the AutoPolaroids, since their debut exhibition 45 years ago. This experimental and self-reflective series exami... (Read More)

New York

Stuart Davis “Path to Abstraction”, at Hirschl & Adler, Jun 9 - Aug 19, 2016

Hirschl & Adler Galleries presents Stuart Davis: Path to Abstraction. The exhibition offers a rare view of Davis’s earlier foundational works including selections from his tough, gritty Hoboken series and examples from his seminal trip to Havana, Cuba, in 1920, alongside his more developed abstract style characterized by pared-down geometric forms and simple primary colors. Though tempting to think of the artist’s evolution as a tidy linear p... (Read More)

New York

Only 2 days left

George Henry Longly “We All Love Your Life”, at Red Bull Studios, Jun 9 - Jul 31, 2016

We All Love Your Life is London-based artist George Henry Longly’s first solo exhibition in the US. Longly will transform our two-floor exhibition space into an immersive installation inspired by the book A House in Space by Henry S.F Cooper, which documents the day to day lives of astronauts on board Skylab, the first US space station operated by NASA from 1973-1979. Considering astronauts and cosmonauts as the original reality TV stars, L... (Read More)

New York

Only 1 day left

Sayaka Ganz and Young Sam Kim “Civilized & Wild”, at Emmanuel Fremin, Jun 9 - Jul 30, 2016

Emmanuel Fremin Gallery presents Civilized & Wild, a dual exhibition featuring the works of Japanese sculptor Sayaka Ganz and the new body of works of Korean artist Young Sam Kim. Civilized and Wild will run from June 9th to July 30th with an opening reception on Thursday, June 9th from 6 to 8pm. Live music from Carnegie Hall’s house band Zubabu will be provided. Sayaka Ganz was born in Yokohama, Japan and grew up living in Japan, Br... (Read More)

New York

“Summer School” Exhibition, at The FLAG Art Foundation, Jun 9 - Aug 12, 2016

The FLAG Art Foundation present Summer School, on its 9th floor gallery. This expansive group exhibition highlights artists who ignite our imagination through fantasy, humor, and play. Accompanying educational programming will include artist-led workshops, tours, and events, created with and driven by the interests of children and their families. The artworks in Summer School resonate across generational lines. “Creative Thinker,” John Baldess... (Read More)

New York

Stuart Davis “In Full Swing”, at The Whitney Museum of American Art, Jun 10 - Sep 25, 2016

Stuart Davis (1892–1964) is one of the preeminent figures of American modernism. With a long career that stretched from the early twentieth century well into the postwar era, he brought a distinctively American accent to international modernism. Faced with the choice between realism and pure abstraction early in his career, Davis invented a vocabulary that harnessed the grammar of abstraction to the speed and simultaneity of modern America. By me... (Read More)

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