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Los Angeles

Ann Erpino, The Winfree Series, at California Institute Of Technology, Feb 16, 2006 - Apr 22, 2020

A permanent exhibition of science paintings at Caltech's Winfree Laboratory may be viewed by appointment. This growing series of 80 paintings depicts scientific processes, theories and research, with a focus on synthetic biology, neurobiology, mathematics, computer science, evolution, and life processes. Please contact Ann Erpino to make an appointment. (Read More)

New York

“Gateway to Himalayan Art” Exhibition, at Rubin Museum of Art, Jul 23, 2010 - Jan 6, 2016

Gateway to Himalayan Art introduces visitors to the art of the Himalayan cultural sphere, presenting the major concepts comprehensively and equipping visitors with the tools to understand, appreciate and contextualize many of the works of art throughout the museum’s six floors of galleries. The exhibition begins with a large map and multimedia display of the Himalayas which orient visitors to the geographic scope and diversity of this region, in... (Read More)

New York

“Behind the Curtain: Collecting the New York Fairs” Exhibition, at Queens Museum of Art, Jul 27, 2014 - Oct 18, 2015

Over a fourteen month period, Behind the Curtain: Collecting the New York Fairs will reveal little known artifacts and souvenirs drawn from national and regional private collections, as well as the museum’s own. From 1939-40, a Kan-O-Seat autographed by Billy Rose, George Burns & Gracie Allen, Rudy Valle and others is juxtaposed with the British Pavilion’s guest book signed by King George VI and Queen Elizabeth of England, and a member’s badg... (Read More)

New York

Medardo Rosso “Annual Installation”, at Center for Italian Modern Art, Oct 17, 2014 - Jun 27, 2015

This fall, the Center for Italian Modern Art (CIMA) presents a major installation of sculpture, drawing, and experimental photography by acclaimed modernist Medardo Rosso, revealing the masterful range of an artist known chiefly for his three-dimensional work. Anchored by a major loan from the Museo Medardo Rosso in Barzio, Italy, the presentation explores the broad range of materials—from gesso, wax, and bronze, to photography and drawing—in whi... (Read More)

New York

Samara Golden “The Flat Side of the Knife”, at MOMA PS1, Oct 26, 2014 - Sep 1, 2015

Los Angeles-based artist Samara Golden (American, b. 1973) creates immersive installations that explore what she calls the sixth dimension, where a multitude of pasts, presents, and futures exist concurrently. For The Flat Side of the Knife, Golden presents her largest installation to date, filling the double-height of MoMA PS1’s Duplex Gallery with staircases, beds, couches, lamps, musical instruments, video, and sound. The Flat Side of the K... (Read More)

New York

“Making Music Modern: Design for Ear and Eye” Exhibition, at The Museum of Modern Art, Nov 15, 2014 - Nov 15, 2015

Music and design­—art forms that share aesthetics of rhythm, tonality, harmony, interaction, and improvisation—have long had a close affinity, perhaps never more so than during the 20th century. Radical design and technological innovations, from the LP to the iPod and from the transistor radio to the Stratocaster, have profoundly altered our sense of how music can be performed, heard, distributed, and visualized. Avant-garde designers—among them ... (Read More)

Laguna Beach, CA

Marcy Ann Villafana, Ongoing, at The Townley Gallery, Mar 19 - Jul 31, 2015

570 South Coast Hwy, Laguna Beach, CA 92651 (Read More)

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