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Los Angeles

Ann Erpino, The Winfree Series, at California Institute Of Technology, Feb 16, 2006 - Apr 22, 2020

A permanent exhibition of science paintings at Caltech's Winfree Laboratory may be viewed by appointment. This growing series of 80 paintings depicts scientific processes, theories and research, with a focus on synthetic biology, neurobiology, mathematics, computer science, evolution, and life processes. Please contact Ann Erpino to make an appointment. (Read More)

New York

“Pixar: The Design of Story” Exhibition, at Cooper-Hewitt, National Design Museum, Oct 8, 2015 - Aug 7, 2016

Presented in the museum’s Process Lab, “Pixar: The Design of Story” will examine the design process behind Pixar Animation Studios and films such as Toy Story, Wall-E, Up, Brave, The Incredibles, and Cars, among others. Focusing on the process of iteration, collaboration and research, the exhibition will feature original artwork, including rarely seen hand-drawn sketches, paintings and sculptures, revealing how Pixar develops popular characters, ... (Read More)

New York

“Figure and Form: Recent Acquisitions to the Permanent Collection” Exhibition, at El Museo del Barrio, Dec 22, 2015 - Dec 4, 2016

This exhibition features a selection of recent acquisitions to El Museo’s permanent collection. It includes our most recent gift, a large painting by David Antonio Cruz, Puerto Rican Pieta, a portrait of the artist and his mother. This gift was made possible by a purchase grant from the Jacques and Natasha Gelman Foundation. It is accompanied by another large-scale self-portrait by Alessandra Expósito, a gift of the American Academy of Arts and L... (Read More)

New York

“Highlights from the Collection: Design Into Art” Exhibition, at The Noguchi Museum, Jan 27, 2016 - Jan 7, 2017

Long before it was widely accepted to do so, Noguchi ignored the traditional distinction between “art” and “design.” This exhibition focuses on the permeable membrane between these categories in Noguchi’s work, with lightweight and flat- packable furniture, stage sets, sculpture, and Akari Light Sculptures. (Read More)

New York

Isamu Noguchi “Functional Ceramics”, at The Noguchi Museum, Jan 27 - Jul 24, 2016

In honor of Tom Sachs: Tea Ceremony, which will include a display of more than 300 of Sachs’ handmade porcelain chawan (tea bowls), the Museum will exhibit a selection of Noguchi’s more “functional” ceramics: plates, bowls, trays, and other traditional forms—along with other pieces that play with the notion of use value. (Read More)

New York

Raul De Nieves “El Rio”, at Company, Jun 8 - Jul 24, 2016

In the tribal cultures of New Guinea, an adolescent boy will be arrayed in the most elaborate paint and finery, singing as he approaches death. Among the Aztecs, the highest honor to which one could attain was to be sacrificed to the deity so that one’s people could thrive. Raul De Nieves examines our own rejection of death with curiosity and satire. He proceeds to rephrase the meaning of death, not as an antithesis of life, but as one of its mos... (Read More)

New York

Sasha Rudensky “Tinsel and Blue”, at Sasha Wolf Gallery, Jun 8 - Jul 16, 2016

The protagonists presented in Tinsel and Blue are an orphaned post-Soviet ‘generation’ that came of age in an ideological vacuum. Having disowned their past, they are adrift in an indeterminate present. They construct worlds from fashion, ornament, and spectacle – a defense against historic dislocation. The photographs meditate on the relationship between illusion and truth, aspiration and frustration, decadence and banality, as their subjects se... (Read More)

New York

Camila Rocha and Jehdy Vargas “METAPHYSICAL AND TRANSFORMATIONAL EMOTION”, at Sacred Gallery, Jun 9 - Aug 31, 2016

This exhibition attempts to share the artist’s experience that deals with societal rituals conjuring spirituality and release, carnal and passionate desires of the body. Both artist works converge memories of personal and collective performativity acts, dealing with their motherland cultures, Dominican Republic and Brazil. The mixed media exhibition is showing paintings, sculptures, objects, video and installation that were inspired by Santeria a... (Read More)

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