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Local Exhibitions Opening Today

Opening: Aug 2, 2014 at 17:30

New York

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Access to Art, at Synthetic Zero / BronxArtSpace, Aug 2 - 16, 2014

Featured Artists include; John Ahearn, Lizzy Alejandro, Sandra Ayala, Mathew Brucaw, Mark Bischel, Carey Clark, Marcy Edelstein, Maria Estevez, Glenn Fischer, Ryan Garvey, Katherine Emely Gomez, Aniko Horvath, Paul Hammacott, Danny Hauben, Mike Kamber, Louise Lawler, Susan Mathews, Ira Merrit, Kay Niederlitz, Tim Rollins, Louis Riso, Moses Roos, Anette Rusin, Rhynna Santos, Cinnamon Willis, Gayle Rappoport, Sarah White, Tammy Wofsey, Weiland John... (Read More)

New York

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“Fixing a Hole” Exhibition, at Koenig & Clinton, Jun 12 - Aug 2, 2014

Koenig & Clinton presents Fixing a Hole, a group exhibition that is fixated on fixing in two senses: fixing as a means of mending, and fixing as a means of securing. Seizing the contranym potential for divergent interpretations, we have gathered a selection of works in various media. Whether by accident or design, the participants in this exhibition capture or address voids, elisions, reliefs, and absence. In all instances, the senses turn to... (Read More)

New York

“Purple States & Cafe Dancer Pop-Up” Exhibition, at Andrew Edlin Gallery, Jun 27 - Aug 16, 2014

PURPLE STATES continues the investigation of the space between “insider” and “outsider” within a unique installation. PURPLE STATES is a term for states that are neither red nor blue and have begun to merge. Including: Adolf Wölfli & Raymond Pettibon, Agatha Wojciechowsky & Brian Adam Douglas, Andrea Joyce Heimer & John Lurie, Anonymous Boro & Cheryl Donegan, Brent Green & William Kentridge, Dan Miller & Scott Reeder, E... (Read More)

New York

“Displayed” Exhibition, at Anton Kern Gallery, Jul 2 - Aug 22, 2014

Anton Kern Gallery presents Displayed an exhibition curated by artist and White Columns’ director Matthew Higgs. Displayed is an exhibition of artworks that, in very different ways, explore the methodologies – both formal and psychological – of display and presentation. Borrowing from the languages of architecture, the museum, interior design, retail, and advertising among other disciplines, the works in Displayed variously consider our shift... (Read More)

New York

“A Machinery for Living” Exhibition, at Petzel Gallery, Jul 2 - Aug 8, 2014

Petzel Gallery presents “A Machinery for Living,” a group exhibition organized by Walead Beshty. There must be no doubt about the dangerous essence of the everyday, nor about this uneasiness that seizes us each time that, by an unforeseeable leap, we stand back from it and, facing it, we discover that precisely nothing faces us: “What? ” “Is this my everyday life? ” Not only must one not doubt it, but one must not dread it; rather one ought to... (Read More)

New York

Tim Freccia Exhibition, at Ricco/Maresca Gallery, Jul 10 - Sep 13, 2014

These portraits represent a body of work created in South Sudan- the world’s youngest nation, now teetering on the brink of failed statehood. I have lived with and documented the major ethnic groups of South Sudan, traveling into all areas of this vast country, which is roughly 1/3 the size of Western Europe. South Sudan, and its social and political structures are complex. The Dinka and Nuer represent the two largest ethnic groups in South Su... (Read More)

New York

“New Acquaintances” Exhibition, at Chambers Fine Art, Jul 10 - Aug 16, 2014

Chambers Fine Art presents “New Acquaintances” – works by Chen Baoyang, Fu Xiaotong, GAMA and Wang Fengge. Born between 1976 and 1989, the four artists work in different media but all respond in one way or another to aspects of the history of Chinese art ranging from the classical landscape tradition to Socialist Realism in a deeply personal manner. GAMA (b. 1977) was born in Mongolia and grew up in the nomadic tradition in which shamanism sti... (Read More)

New York

“L’Avventura” Exhibition, at Kim Foster Gallery, Jul 10 - Aug 9, 2014

A Group Exhibition Organized by Antonio Petracca Ah! Summer, a time for relaxation, family, friends, lawn and house repair, gardening, and of course, Adventure! An online dictionary states, “An adventure is an exciting or unusual experience. It may also be a bold, risky undertaking, with the outcome uncertain.” What if this broad definition of adventure was overlaid with a specific event? Enter L’Avventura, the 1960 groundbreaking film ... (Read More)

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