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New York

“A World of Its Own: Photographic Practices in the Studio” Exhibition, at The Museum of Modern Art, Feb 8 - Oct 5, 2014

A World of Its Own: Photographic Practices in the Studio examines the ways in which photographers and other artists using photography have worked and experimented within their studios, from photography’s inception to the present. Featuring both new acquisitions and works from the Museum’s collection that have not been on view in recent years, A World of Its Own brings together photographs, films, and videos. Depending on the period, the cultur... (Read More)

New York

“Museum Starter Kit: Open With Care” Exhibition, at El Museo del Barrio, Mar 12 - Sep 6, 2014

El Museo del Barrio, now celebrating its 45th anniversary, reimagines its beginnings with MUSEUM STARTER KIT: Open With Care, an exhibition that explores the unusual founding of El Museo and solicits community participation to invent new museums—creating unorthodox museums of the moment. The exhibition is designed to grow and change over time. The inventor of El Museo, its founder in 1969, was Raphael Montañez Ortiz (b. 1934, Brooklyn, New York)... (Read More)

New York

Robert Heinecken “Object Matter”, at The Museum of Modern Art, Mar 15 - Sep 7, 2014

This is the first retrospective of the groundbreaking work of Robert Heinecken since his death in 2006. Heinecken dedicated his life to making art and teaching, establishing the photography program at UCLA in 1964 and serving as a professor there until 1991. He came of age artistically in 1960s Los Angeles, where the burgeoning art scene and proximity to Hollywood provided fertile ground for experimentation. In this environment Heinecken—alongsid... (Read More)

New York

“Masterpieces & Curiosities: Diane Arbus’s Jewish Giant” Exhibition, at The Jewish Museum, Apr 11 - Aug 3, 2014

In 1959 the photographer Diane Arbus (1923–71) visited Hubert’s Dime Museum and Flea Circus, a Times Square basement phantasmagoria. One of its main attractions was Eddie Carmel, a man who supposedly stood over nine feet tall, billed as “The World’s Tallest Man.” In April 1970, a year before her death, Arbus visited him at the home he shared with his parents, and made this important photograph, A Jewish giant at home with his parents, in the Bron... (Read More)

New York

Dan Graham with Günther Vogt “The Roof Garden Commission”, at The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Apr 29 - Nov 2, 2014

American artist Dan Graham (born 1942, Urbana, Illinois) will create a site-specific installation atop The Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Iris and B. Gerald Cantor Roof Garden—the second in a new series of commissions for the outdoor site. The installation will comprise one of Graham’s unique steel and glass pavilions—structures for which he has been renowned since the early 1980s—set within a specially engineered landscape designed in collaboratio... (Read More)

New York

“Out of Character: Decoding Chinese Calligraphy” Exhibition, at The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Apr 29 - Aug 17, 2014

This exhibition features more than forty outstanding examples of calligraphy from the collection of Jerry Yang and his wife, Akiko Yamazaki, created by leading artists of the Yuan (1271–1368), Ming (1368–1644), and Qing (1644–1911) dynasties. The selection of artworks and their interpretation in the galleries are intended to speak to beginners and specialists alike, using calligraphy of the highest quality to introduce key concepts of format, scr... (Read More)

New York

Mel Bochner “Strong Language”, at The Jewish Museum, May 2 - Sep 21, 2014

The Jewish Museum presents Mel Bochner: Strong Language, a survey of Bochner’s career-long fascination with the cerebral and visual associations of words. The exhibition will include over 70 text-based works. Among the highlights are his mid-1960s Portrait Drawings, never before exhibited in New York, and paintings from the last decade using synonyms derived from the latest edition of Roget’s Thesaurus. Bochner was inspired by the Thesaurus’ new ... (Read More)

New York

Peter Sis “Cartography of the Mind”, at Czech Center New York / The Bohemian National Hall, May 7 - Sep 1, 2014

Solo exhibition by Peter Sis, an internationally acclaimed artist, illustrator, writer and filmmaker, focuses on the artist’s poetic renditions of men’s unending quest for discovery. On view is a wide selection of his original drawings, watercolors and quashes re-telling and re-imagining the stories of people, which changed with their adventures spirit the course of the history. In the book Follow the Dream: The Story of Christopher Columbus fro... (Read More)

New York

Sir John Herschel “Camera Lucida Drawings”, at Hans P. Kraus, Jr. Fine Photographs, May 20 - Jul 31, 2014

Hans P. Kraus Jr. Fine Photographs presents Sir John Herschel’s Camera Lucida Drawings, an exhibition of a dozen 19th-century drawings. Instrumental in the invention of photography, the distinguished scientist Sir John Frederick William Herschel (1792-1872), made the drawings using an instrument known as a camera lucida between 1816 and 1869. The work serves as evidence that optically aided drawings immediately preceded the public invention of ph... (Read More)

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